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A LITTLE BACKGROUND STORY – When I was a youngster my dad was part of the auto industry.  When my first autos needed repaired my dad would help by repairing my cars.  My first cars often needed a lot of repairs!  He would go to the auto supply store and buy the parts I needed to fix my car.  I noticed that when dad bought a part, a muffler for instance, there would be two prices in the bill.  One price was the retail price and the other was the price was the price that my dad was charged.  It was significantly lower, depending upon the item purchased.  Of course, my dad only charged me the price he paid for the item; but if I went to an auto shop I would have been charged the higher retail price.

The point is that the repair man made a significant part of his income beyond his hourly wage on the parts he need to purchase to repair the car.  When I became a piano teacher I would get a “teacher’s discount”.  The discount was not very significant; barely enough for a cup of coffee.

When I was thinking how I wanted to put together Piano Teacher Press I was reminded of the experience of the auto mechanic to the auto supply store.  I knew how hard my fellow piano teachers worked and I knew they could use means to raise their overall income.  With those thoughts in mind I designed my pricing structure to give piano teachers an opportunity not only to have unique piano teaching material that could be purchased no where else but also priced in a way that would help them financially.


POINT ONE – I personally do not like to pay shipping charges.  At Piano Teacher Press there are NO SHIPPING CHARGES for sales over $15.00.

POINT TWO – At Piano Teacher Press we offer a lot of sheet music offerings.  Our retail price for a piece of sheet music in $3.50.  YOUR PRICE is $2.50.  You make a full dollar on every piece of music you purchase from Piano Teacher Press.

POINT THREE – Our Book Pricing

A book retailing at $7.95 will cost you $5.95.   YOU SAVE $2.00

A book retailing at $11.95 will cost you $8.95.  YOU SAVE $3.00

A book retailing at $14.95 will cost you $9.95.  YOU SAVE $5.00

I think you will find Piano Teacher Press a place to find well written, attractive, pedagogically sound and musically satisfying materials that will also be financially beneficial; helping you in the very hard yet rewarding work you perform every day.

When deciding on the outlets you choose for your piano teaching needs THINK Piano Teacher Press.


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