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I have been talking with parents concerning their desire about beginning their children in piano lessons but still anxious about their children’s safety.  Some parents feel that online lessons are the answer;  other parents do not.  I understand each position.  I would like to address each of these positions.

FIRST – For parents that do NOT want to begin lessons until we are sufficiently past Covid-19.  I have one family wanting lessons but deciding to wait because for young children they feel that for beginners, personal one-on-one instruction is necessary.  I have seen these past few months that for several of my young beginners this has been true.  Not all children, especially young beginners, thrive in the online learning environment.

What I would recommend is to use this time to research and find a good instructor for your children.  Knowing that there a pool of parents not ready to begin lessons until Covid is past us, I recommend you contact me about your desire for lessons and your questions about what you are looking for in a teacher.  I would love to talk to you about what I can offer you and your children.  We can see if we are “a good fit” and when the time is ready we can begin enthusiastically.

I’m also thinking of offering, absolutely free, some preliminary classes online classes that will go over some basic introductory materials that all students will benefit so our first one-on-one lessons will get their piano lessons off with a bang.

So please give me a call at 724-524-3500 and let’s see if we can start a lifelong adventure in music!!

SECOND – For parents that see online learning as a viable alternative to one-on-one studio lessons.  I have found that my students that are generally “good” students, do very well in online learning environments.  By “good” students, I mean students that enjoy learning and exploring new things with a genuine curiosity to know and understand.

As a teacher I have learned on “how to use” the online environment by taking advantage of its strengths.  Technological advances bring many of the benefits of the classroom directly to the student’s computer screen. 

For my online students I make a detailed “study guide” with lesson notes that I post on “the cloud” where students have a great guide to direct their practicing through the week.  I have multiple cameras where students can see me demonstrate various ideas and techniques on my keyboard. 

I have a computerized “blackboard” where I can sketch out ideas and then send that directly to the student’s “study guide” mentioned above.  All these tools make for a rich learning environment.

or more information on ONLINE LESSONS go [HERE].

PLUS for parents the online environment gives you the convenience of freeing up the travel time to and from lessons and for busy parents this can be an important consideration. So, if all this sounds appealing, please call me at 724-524-3500 and I think we can start a lifetime journey with music!!

Dan Severino


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