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I got a call from a mom wanting piano lessons for her daughter.  The mom really wanted a teacher to come to their home to teach the lessons.  I pointed the parent to my website and a prepared page I had at the site – The Advantages of a Private Studio.  I asked the mom that I’d appreciate it if she would read the article and I’d call her in a few days to she if she wanted a free interview.  About a week later I left a message on her voice mail and later that evening she called me saying she wanted the interview.  The interview went very well and they told me they read the article.  We began lessons the following week.  The article did its job.

I know many studio teachers face similar circumstances.  It is important, especially in our current economic climate that we acquire a certain percentage of students where the parents prefer that someone come to their home.  This article on my website helped turn this type of parent to do something they initially didn’t prefer.  I hope it will do the same for you.

For new students that do not come to you through a referral I think it is very important to get them to come to your studio for a free interview.  Certainly during the interview you want to evaluate all you can possible glean — the family dynamic, parenting style, and the personality of the student.  It’s also a time to present yourself to the parents THROUGH YOUR STUDIO as to the type of teacher and the type of instruction you’ll be providing.

And secondly, especially if the parents are shopping for a teacher, you want to keep your presentation fresh in the minds of the parents.  You somehow must overcome the disadvantage of not being LAST.  The last teacher interviewed has a strong advantage of being most remembered simply through the fact that less time has lapsed when the parents come to make their final decision.

If they have a computer and you have a website make sure you have something on your website that reviews THE SAME POINTS you made in the interview.  The consistency of hearing the same points will reinforce your image.  If you made three main selling points about yourself and your studio reinforce those same three points with an article on your website.  If you make three new points the parent will have six points to remember and your initial impact will be diminished.  Augment your image, repeat the same points.  One of my short term goals is to do this through a YouTube type video presentation.

Now here’s the link to the article The Advantages of a Private Studio.  I hope will help you win a greater percentage of those inquiries that want a teacher to come to their home, but instead choose you.

Feel free to give this link to those who make this inquiry.  Sometimes hearing this type of information is better if it comes from an outsider.  Or, just take the idea and rewrite an article that fits your studio.



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